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Insights into the Operations and Funding of Nonprofit Organizations


Marshall McNott in his new book "Nonprofit Nonsense and Common Sense" has provided a valuable service to the Leadership Staff and Board of Directors of Nonprofit organizations, to the supporters of these programs, and to Foundations considering applications for grants.


McNott has chosen to use composite examples and sometimes fictional illustrations to provide suggestions for successful guidelines and principles. He begins by providing donors with "enlightenment questions" to ask. I appreciated Marshall's candid approach in guiding the reader through the many sides of fundraising, motivation, ethics of stewardship and absolute integrity in every area of operation.


A long career in Management in working with nonprofit organizations, as well as a wide variety of related roles: board member, consultant, and "servant" Marshall McNott knows every facet of nonprofit organizations and faith based ministries. He gives insights from a staff perspective, from the Board room, and as an outside looking in, offering constructive, practical advice for getting to the bottom of critical and significant issues being faced by nonprofit organizations today.


I found the chapter dealing with the Board of Directors, and their commitment to the CEO of the organization was significant. A number of suggested direct and pertinent questions provide the opportunity for accountability and the "iron to sharpening iron" concept.


"Nonprofit Nonsense & Common Sense" is an important and timely book. Everyone involved in a

nonprofit organization or ministry whether serving as a volunteer, a board member, as an executive, a staff member, or donor, will find insights and answers regarding their role in serving others.



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Things for the New CEO to Remember


So, it's your first day as CEO of a nonprofit, or any entity, for that matter. Marshall McNott has been there, spending 40 years as president, CEO or executive director, as well as board member, with several nonprofits.


In his book Nonprofit Nonsense and Common Sense, he shares some of the insights he gained, some of them formal, some irreverent.

Among the insights:


     * An experienced CEO is not surprised by surprises.


     * Forgiveness is a virtue. This can come into play both with mistakes and with lack of loyalty from staffers or board members.


     * CEOs need to be good listeners and never, ever presume that they have some hotline to the right answers to every question that has ever been or will be asked.


     * One of the greatest obstacles to avoiding the repetition of mistakes is not a weak memory but acknowledging that we could be wrong.


     * Goals and objectives are fine, but there is an often-lacking corresponding effort to track and monitor them.


     * Listening still seems to be in short supply.


     * "Back-door" communications between staff members and board members can be treasonous, and disastrous, if kept secret from the CEO.


     * Integrity. The magic word for success in any organization is





"There's your way, my way and the right way"


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